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Katana Fruits
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Katana Fruits  is a new slicing game in which you have to cut every fruit and avoid the bomb. If you miss a result, you lose your life and touch one of the bombs that immediately end the game. If you want to challenge a high score, you must have good reaction skills! Donith is misled by the Game title; It is not about katana fruit game to join a farmers’ army. It is also not a game about katana-shaped fruits. Katana Fruits is a fruit game that is very similar to the more popular Fruit Ninja, except in-game shops and other micro-transactions. It focuses more on simple cutting and dicing, making it a perfect replacement for those who do not want to worry about the extra gameplay functions of Fruit Ninja. A good and exciting game that you can play and try once with a simple way to play for you.

Game features fruit game :

  • Free fruit games for you to play in your free time.
  • Vivid sound sound graphics for you to try car games for girls.
  • Increasing difficulty and challenge for you to experience.
  • Save your achievements and scores fruit game free .

How to play  games :

  • Open your screen up and get ready for this fascinating fruit slashing fruit game.
  • Use the mouse to move and slash the fruits shown on the screen fruit ninja the game .
  • The more fruits you crush, the more points you get fruit game.
  • Finally pay attention to avoid bombs if you want to play longer game fruit cutting .

Some screenshots from the game:

fruit game

fruit game free

game fruit cutting

A good and exciting game for you to try and play with the best fruit slashing and you can participate in other interesting and interesting fruit game.

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Katana Fruits
5 (100%) 1 vote

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