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Swing Racer
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Swing Racer  fast action drifting with the car on an endless racetrack. If you’re a loyal fan of speed racer game free, you probably can not ignore racing games. Unlike regular games, racing rattles require players to put themselves in a drunk position, safely control the vehicle, to avoid hitting the curb and obstacles to prove I am a good driver. You must be alert or turn off immediately. Swing Racer is a new concept of racing games. The car is broken, just save the car and create the highest score racer game free. Pressing to control the car is easy to try.  Swing Racer is a drifting and racing game. You must overcome all difficulties to become a champion. A challenging sports racing game you try to play it and go as far as possible. Popular game with cars and racetrack.  Swing Racer – Swing Racer requires players to be drunk, join the race car and control the car safely, to avoid hitting the curb and obstacles to prove that he is a good driver. You must be alert or turn off immediately.

Game features racer game free :

  • Game with free adventure car for you to play racer game pc !
  • Graphics sound unique and new to the track and the car.
  • Ranking personal achievement and record car racing games online.
  • Simple gameplay easy for everyone to try.

How to play racer game free :

  • Open your screen and get ready for the adventure racing game.
  • Left click to balance the car going on the track top racer game .
  • Avoid obstacles on the road and collide if you don’t want to lose.
  • The farther you go, the more points you will earn yourself racer game free download .

Some screenshots from the game:

racer game free

racer game pc

top racer game

An adventurous  racer game free  that keeps the car safe on the hard road to prove your driver’s talent, besides you can refer to some other good games!

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Swing Racer
5 (100%) 1 vote

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