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Groovy Ski
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Groovy Ski  rocky snow sliding down the hill without the terrible snowmen. In Groovy Ski, you will touch the snow to avoid fencing and bushes. Collect the stars on the trip, and buy a new hat and glasses! Slide your maximum speed into the Adjective Groovy Ski skill ski game! Help the brave skiers move through fences and waste and avoid obstacles like snow-trees and monsters to unlock hats and goggles and other accessories.Get the HTML 5 exciting ski game up ready! It’s all skills and time. Order on the roadside fences and initial bonuses. Can you make it to the bottom of the mountain?Time is a snowfall! Prepare ski gears, hats and goggles and slide down the mountain slope ski game pc! But what is this, who created this music? You never saw a stream of streams! Focus and use all your abilities to stop them with all obstacles or obstacles.

Game features ski game:

  • Free HTML5 games popular with skiing.
  • Graphic sound vivid new with skiing car racing free games.
  • With high difficulty and many challenges for you free ski game.
  • Save your achievements after the game screen.

How to play game :

  • Open your computer screen and get ready for this ski challenge.
  • Mouse navigation to move ski avoid obstacles on the road.
  • Collect stars to increase your score ski game free .
  • Get our gift packages when you collect enough stars.

Some screenshots from game :

ski game

free ski game

ski game free

An exciting snowboarding game for you to play in your free time with difficulty challenging your clever patience  also you need to consult some other ski game unblocked!

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Groovy Ski
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