Jet car stunts 2

Jet car stunts 2
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If you are a fan of Car racing, you must know this game. Jet car stunts 2 – Incredible all free car games just for racing experts.

Hardest all free car games ever!

Before you play this all free car games online, you must to know that this is not just a normal car racing game. It is completely a different level of driving game that will bring you so much extreme challenges

All car games  Jet Car Stunts 2 puts you behind the wheel of one of a few different models of cars for a variety of races that take place across abstract-looking futuristic racecourses in the sky. The race looks a bit like a Formula One track set in the Tetris universe. In additional, the race tracks crafted from very smooth geometric shapes.

all free car games

All free car games – Brightly-colored, abstractly-shaped courses suspended miles up in the sky

There are 120 different levels in this all all car games, split across three difficulty stages. Some levels are all about beating a specific time, and others are more like platforming levels.

In time trial, you’ll need to race against the clock to compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals. Platform doesn’t have time limits or other competitors, challenging you to simply get to the end of a more complex track layout. In freestyle, you simply try to pull off stunts over jumps and other obstacles, using the tilt controls to perform flips and slides to get the most points.

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In a race, you’ll compete against other cars for a number of laps to see who wins.There are also online leaderboards and social features in this all free car games for those who want to compete with their friends.

all free car games

All free car games – Now your task is to dodge, fly, jump through the obstacles that never appear in real life

You will control your car via tilting your device to steer while accelerating and reversing using two on-screen buttons on the right, and firing your rocket or using brake via two buttons on the left. You can also tilt your device backwards and forwards to tilt the nose of your car up or down when you’re in the air and firing your rocket.

This racing game will challenge you

  • Crazy stunt driving on outlandish courses.
  • Insane jumps.
  • Ludicrous speeds.
  • Manic car handling.
  • Outrageous jet physics.

This game online Jet car stunts 2 – all free car games is not like any other casual car games. Anyway, if you find this game so difficult that you can’t play it, then just try this Monster truck out.


  • 120 levels, 3 difficulties each
  • 7 cars with varied handling
  • 4 Game modes.
  • Level creation and sharing
  • Global leaderboards with replays.
  • Friend challenges.
  • Controller support

This free game is really difficult and sometimes will make you crazy but don’t be scared of it. Play it and you will fall in love with this Jet car stunts 2 – all free car games

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Jet car stunts 2
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