Top 4 best car games new 2018

Top 4 best car games new 2018
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Hello, will introduce you to the top 4 best car games today. Racing games are one of the most popular games in all mobile games. This is the first category to overcome the lack of physical buttons on smartphones that are good enough to make it worth playing. The most popular racing game has tens of millions of fans. However, that does not mean that they are the best. Which one should you try? Here are the best car racing games for Android.

Two best car games for android new 2018.

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme is the best racing games off-road racer from Gameloft. You will race on many offroad routes with a variety of vehicles. Currently, there are 35 cars that you can drive including seven different types. Gameloft will probably add more to the car driving games later. The car games for pc also features multiplayer online racing, more than 400 career events, 500 mastery challenges and limited time events to keep things interesting. That freemium game should adjust your expectations accordingly. Asphalt 8: Airborne is also one of the great best car racing game for ps4 of the series.


best car games

Asphalt Xtreme is an best car games off-road racer from Gameloft

Play now: Highway Rider Extreme

So forget about everything you know about best car games for xbox one, because all you need here is your instincts, real skills and a fearless desire for speed. You will race around the sandy hills, run through the canyons, drift on the dirt and climb over your opponents to reach the finish line as part of the extreme racing experience!

CSR Racing

Although CSR Racing 2 is the best driving games has just launched, it has immediately shown itself to be one of the fastest racing games in the mobile gaming community. Featuring super-sharp 3D graphics, smooth controls and addictive gameplay, this game is once again attractive enough for any gamer. Unlike the Need for Speed or Asphalt series, CSR Racing 2 goes in a way for players to perform accelerated moves on numbers combined with NOS to defeat opponents.

best car games

Although CSR Racing 2 is a car games for android has just launched

The CSR Racing series is one best car games of the most popular racing games available. CSR Racing 2 is a drag racing game. You will buy cars, add upgrades and then race cars. It has a campaign mode with many races. You can also make online races with people if you want. There are so many vehicles to collect and the graphics are really quite good. It’s a good time killer in the racing genre. CSR Racing 2 is a freemium game. That does not make it bad, but it is something to be aware of.

These best car games definitely will not disappoint you

Dirt Trackin

When Dirt Tracking one of best racing games started, it was a small idea that turned into an extremely fast game. We did not have the budget to build the complete game and car games for pc, so with the help of our followers HUGE, we released a game for $ 2.99, and went through more. Two and a half years to complete the game with all the features we set out to bring to the best car games for ps4 from the beginning.


best car games

When Dirt Trackin one of car games in the world started

You can play: Streetrace Fury

Dirt Tracking is a retro . Graphics, controls and other factors are strongly influenced by the racing best car games of the previous titles. Besides, it features real racers in the offroading circuit, 24 cars to choose from, ten tracks, and more. You can even have controls on the screen if you do not like tilting your device to the controls. You can even run races for up to 100 laps if you want to spend some real time in this car games online. Unlike most, it’s a one-time paid title with some optional DLC as in-app purchases. That’s great for those who want to break free of freemium.

Racing car

Drag Racing is a best car racing game for ps4 and the car games ever powered nitro racing online car racing games for Android! Race, adjust, upgrade and customize over 50 really licensed cars from the hottest car manufacturers in the world.

Climb up the rankings and immortalize your name in the Hall of Fame! Challenge other players best online racing games online: 1 on 1 races, drive your opponent or join 10-player real-time races.

Have you dreamed of 1000+ HP exotics pushed to the limit on a drag strip? Will you choose an iconic Skyline GT-R, a classic 69 ‘Mustang or a brand-new BMW M4 as your ultimate driver? Buy your dream car, install performance upgrades and show off your skills in the 1/4 or 1/2 mile race

Drag Racing is the best car games for iphone another drag racing game like CSR and, admittedly, it does not seem as good as its competitors. However, what it lacks in graphics, it more than makes up in mechanics. You will be able to adjust your car the way you want. It’s easy to take the time to adjust your car for the perfect ride. There is a multiplayer mode of competition along with a ton of cars to unlock. It’s an old game, but it’s been updated regularly and it’s still one of the car games 2017 out there.

best car games

Drag Racing is a best car racing game for ps4 and the car games ever

Common features of car games

  •  Beautiful graphics, realistic sound, high quality bring you the most exciting feeling. There is a lot of levers to play, as well as the difficulty level of each level will increase to help you easily challenge yourself.
  • There are many vehicles for you to choose the most suitable for yourself, in addition, you try to win and refurbish your car.
  • Best car games to earn points and unlock prizes in the short-term race.
  • Challenge your friends to play asynchronous races to chase the motorbike and ghost the opponent’s car on the track for you to feel most comfortable.
  • So score new charts with your friends and other rivals around the world.
  • Share your racing achievements and prove you are the ultimate racing machine.
  • All these car games will definitely not disappoint.

Also, you can play a lot of vile best car games on our site. The newest and most engaging game. Please invite your friends to play offline. Have fun!

Top 4 best car games new 2018
5 (100%) 4 votes

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