CSR Racing 2 – Super car games 2018

CSR Racing 2 – Super car games 2018
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CSR Racing 2 is a car games 2018 the second drag-and-drop version of NaturalMotion, and it has just launched on the App Store. If you think the first version looks great, your mind will be blown when you see what they did with CSR Racing 2.

CSR Racing 2 – Play best car games 2018

We have implemented CSR Racing 2 car games 2018.  You are given 130 gold to help you buy your first car. This is just enough cash to pick one of the seven Class 1 vehicles new car racing games 2018 : Cooper S, Golf GTI, Hyundai Veloster, Dodge Dart Mopar ’13, Scion FR-S, Ford Fiesta ST and Abarth 500.through its steps and have definitive instructions to get the most respect and gold to put you in a class all your own collectors.

car games 2018

We have implemented CSR Racing 2 car games 2018

Play: Streetrace Fury

One car games 2018 of the biggest features of the CSR Racing brand is the beautiful cars. There is a level of precision unmatched by any other car-related game. We are not just talking about cool reflections and the dark side of the hood. Each vehicle is officially licensed by a real manufacturer. So, the cars car games 2018 are designed as if they are real, all the way down to sewing on the interior. And, yes, in CSR 2, you can open the doors and trunks to get a good look inside the dash, seat and lining inside.

All startup vehicles have similar performance specifications, so your choice relies more on making and style you prefer than anything else.

After you choose your first car, it is sent to your garage, and this part is fantastic. Instead of just appearing in the car, the door swings in your virtual garage and it slowly drives in, with the camera view moving from one side to the other, so you can really get a good look. about your new trip.

Spend time looking at your car car games 2018 . Drag your finger across the screen to view it from different angles. Touch the door to open the door and look inside. Do not forget to pinch-to-zoom in. You can not get inside the car yet, but you can get a pretty good view of the job details. Pop the hood to check your engine. You will be impressed with its true look.

You can take screenshots, and even real-time video of your sweet new trip using Replay in the game car games 2018 new.

Once you have your new car once twice, it is time to hit the streets.

How to play the game

Like the original CSR Racing is a car games 2018, this is a drag racing game. You fly down a straight line at speeds exceeding 100 MPH, plunging into a single opponent. The race is less than a quarter mile long and usually takes about 15 seconds if your slow.

car games 2018

Like the original CSR Racing is a car games 2018, this is a drag racing game

At the starting line, touch the accelerator pedal to rotate your engine. Keep a perfect balance of light extraction to stay in the green as you rev. If you are in the green when the countdown ends, you will earn the Perfect Start Reward car parking games 2018 . The boot mechanism is updated this much better than the previous game because you can see on the gauge when you are in green and when you’ve come across or under red.

Similar moves. As soon as the gauge reaches the green area, press the pedal to move. A perfect change will also help you make some extra cash. Most races are so short that you can only change three or four times. The conversion mechanism is also much better than the first CSR Racing car games 2018 because you can see on the gauge when you are close to the perfect change and how much time you have to turn off.

Do not forget to use your nitrous. Even if you think you are ahead of your opponent, he can dominate you for a second by deploying his N20, so be ready for a quick leap. Touch the nitrous button on the left side of the screen to actually reach the maximum speed.

Racing alone:

The campaign races, or Crew Races car games 2018 free download, will earn you the biggest payout and most respectable points (RPs), but are the hardest to win. This is where the plot takes place. Jerry, the crew manager continues to receive the stolen car from his garage and needs your help catching the criminals. When you help him by defeating the Crew Races, he will work to help you work well with top Tier 2 drivers.

car games 2018

The campaign races, or Crew Races car games 2018 free download

Play now: Parking fury 1

Is one of the games car games 2018. Daily battles allow you to ride behind the wheel of a rare sports car games 2018 online. Each time, it is random. You will not know what you are driving until you are behind the wheel. The interesting part of participating in the battle is that you can see how different cars work, some of which you can never own because they are expensive, even in game.This is where the collaboration of NaturalMotion with Zynga really shines. Live Races is a best car games 2018 where you compete against real players for the biggest RP. When you enter a live race, you will be able to pick a competitor, who will be a real life person waiting at the other end for someone to race.

When you join a crew, you will be able to compete against your team against the other crew. When you reach Level 2, you will have to drop the clutch manually in Live Races.

You can bet on Live Races a car games 2018 with your soft cash, which is easy to find in the game. You will not be able to bet on gold.

You can continue with the so-called “Victory.” For example, if you won three direct races, you will win special keys, which can help you win special cars. These rare cars are so special that they are not available for purchase in gold, only with the rare imported keys.

Gassing up

As in the first version, your gameplay will be limited by the amount of air you have. It’s one of the car games 2018 many favorite games Your 10 pips tank will last about 20 minutes (more at the start of your game). You can make money pip feeds to view ads or invite your friends on Facebook to play. You can also fill your tank for 20 gold pieces, but it might be better to just set the game down for a few minutes. New Pips recharge after every five minutes.


Once you start making money, you will want to put every penny of it into upgrading your car. You can upgrade seven different engine parts: body, tire, transmission, engine, turbo, intake and nitrous. Each section can be upgraded in five stages and some can be adjusted or merged with rare parts.


Once you reach a certain stage for nitrous, transmission, and tire, you can adjust the parts.

car games 2018

Once you reach a certain stage for nitrous, transmission, and tire, you can adjust the parts

Adjustments will allow you to fine-tune the performance, ever so slightly, in part. For example, if you adjust the nitrous, you can adjust the amount of increase you will receive and for how long. You can make it last longer, but for less acceleration, or go all at once, but only for a short burst.

If you really want to compete in multiplayer races, you will need to constantly adjust your parts to make your car faster than your opponent.Some parts can be merged with rare, rare or epic parts. These special sections are awarded. When you upgrade to a certain stage (Stage 3 or above, at a minimum), you can use these unique additions to significantly increase the stats of the vehicle parts.


Car games 2018 free download  play free online. Sure, you can just race with an old color car, but why would you want when you can get big and crazy. You can customize the four parts of your car: paint job, interior, liver, calipers, and license plate. Some customization options have additional sub-customizations. For example, when you change the color of brown, you can choose which panels get the custom painting or you can add the racing stripes. You can even choose from some unusual looking skin or woodgrain models, if that’s what you want.

car games 2018

Car games 2018 free download  play free online

The custom is relatively cheap. They will cost about $ 2,500 for a whole new outfit.
CSR Racing is the longest jump in gaming technology from one title to another that I’ve ever seen. Obviously, NaturalMotion has spent the past four years honing its craftsmanship and refining its look and feel.

They have also made some great changes that make the game more interesting and engaging. I played the original title several times when it was first released and never picked it up again because it was difficult to progress without much time and money. In CSR Racing 2 is a It’s one of the car games 2018 many favorite games, there are half a dozen games taking place at the same time. So rarely do you run out of money and have nothing to do.

Additional social elements are part of a crew and many aspects make CSR Racing 2 something that fans of drag racing can play for a long time without being stumped by paywalls.

The incredible detail of the car makes CSR Racing 2 a It’s one of the car games 2018 many favorite games virtual platform for fans to collect sports cars, as long as you do not mind putting large amounts of cash for super rare things.

CSR Racing 2 is available free on the iPhone and iPad and looks best on the iPad Pro. I asked NaturalMotion CEO Torsten Reil if there were any plans to transfer the game to the Apple TV and he offered a “maybe” uncomfortable. Hopefully, tvOS 10 will impress him enough to bring the game to our television sets in the near future without AirPlay.

Have you played CSR Racing 2 car games 2018 yet? What is your thinking about the game?

CSR Racing 2 – Super car games 2018
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