Smashy road: Wanted – Epic car games for kids free download

Smashy road: Wanted – Epic car games for kids free download
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The most stimulating car games for kids ever! Enjoy your time with car games free download – Smashy road: Wanted, epic car racing games for kids free download.

About Car games free download – Smashy road

Wanted is an arcade game in which players drive cars at high speeds in the hopes of outrunning the cops. Though this often results in violent crashes and explosions, the game’s blocky, pixelated style means neither the drivers nor the police officers are shown being hurt or killed.

This car racing games free download also allows you to buy dozens of new vehicles using either real money or in-game funds. You can earn by watching commercials; ads also appear between each level. Players are rewarded for evading the police, smashing into things, and generally driving recklessly.

car games free download

Car games free download – Drive your car and try to escape the police

Once this car games free download started, you really are thrown right into a single play starting screen, where you begin by tapping on a control. Before doing so, though, there’s also an “Online” button that you can pres.

This takes you out of single-player and puts you into a four-player death match racing game, where three other players are on the same track as you.

In this car games free download, there are 30 possible vehicles, 30 different paint schemes, and 10 weapons to choose from. The more successful you are at staying alive and free, the more and more powerful the vehicles decide to join the chase.

car games free download

Car games free download – Various cars and weapon for you to choose

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Game Control

The controls of this car games for kids free download couldn’t be simpler: you tap the left side of the screen to go left, and right to go right. No accelerator, brakes, shifting, drifting or other driving control to worry about. There is one other control, and that’s weapon launch;

Once you tap and are going, your car is quickly brought to full acceleration. Your objective is to outrun and evade various police, SWAT, and military pursuit vehicles, all while trying to pick up cash and usable items, and also avoiding dead ends, corners, and sudden drop-offs.

The environment of the car games free download – Smashy road: Wanted is generally a large square, made of a combination of city and country landscapes.

Smash Road Strategies

  1. More stars means more problem
  2. Outsmart cop cars with your driving
  3. Focus on destroying the police barriers, not the police cars
  4. Car haulers are extremely useful
  5. Driving between buildings
  6. Finding secret locations
  7. When you find yourself cornered by the police, just back away from them
  8. Blow them all up at once
  9. Earning big bucks and getting Smashy Road legendary rides

Features of car games free download – Smashy road

  • 90 unlockable vehicles!!
  • Random generated environment with chance to encounter secret locations
  • All vehicles have their own behavior. Find your favorite!
  • Great visuals and sound

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Smashy road: Wanted – Epic car games for kids free download
5 (100%) 1 vote

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