Top playstation 4 racing games – Best playstation 4 racing game

Top playstation 4 racing games – Best playstation 4 racing game
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PlayStation 4 racing games, are you ready? There are so many great car games! Explore free racing games in the open world and check out cars, taxis, buses, trucks and even trains. Take a look at real-time simulation games and see if you really drive otherwise. And, if you’re really challenging, try your vitality. The car games 2017 are very realistic to be very interesting for adults and children. the best game filter for “Game car driving” in the racing game collection.

Top playstation 4 racing games – Best playstation 4 racing game

1/  Cars 3: Driven to Win

playstation 4 racing games

On the way to becoming a Hall of Fame Driver, training and skills will give you an advantage in a race that anyone can win.

Speed into the world driving of the car as you determine your path to racing mastery in Cars 3: Driven to Win – PlayStation 4 racing games. The game is inspired by Disney Pixar movie. Played with over 20 customizable characters including Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, Cruz Ramirez. The next generation of racers in more than 20 songs are located at iconic locations from films such as Radiator Springs.

Train and enhance your abilities in 6  playstation 4 car racing games modes and challenge your family and friends in Battle Race to become the ultimate champion. On the way to becoming a Hall of Fame Driver, training and skills will give you an advantage in a race that anyone can win.

Characteristics of the game playstation 4 racing games 2017:

  • Train and improve the ability to drive two scroll wheels and more in 6 thrilling game modes.
  • Get the machine and do many stunts and tricks to get the highest score.
  • Collect and use a variety of powers to cast as many crash races as possible to grab the highest score.
  • Jumping on the songs against criminals and gangs to speed up the ultimate challenge.
  • Take training to test and race with family and friends to become a champion.

You can play the following games: Street Race Fury  

2/ Gran Turismo Sport

playstation 4 racing games

The playstation 4 racing games has shown the talent of his with the dark frame of film.

If you have been experiencing the previous version. Maybe you will know the beautiful graphics was the tradition of the series. Gran Turismo Sport is no exception!

Right from the opening video. The playstation 4 car racing games has shown the talent of his with the dark frame of film. Same background graphics, slick show the power of a game title PS4-exclusive. The details, even the smallest, from the steering wheel. Or even screws are reproduced correctly, meticulously and authentically as possible. Physical effects are calculated in detail when that wheel has elasticity, elasticity, as well as the simulated damage, are very well done. Contribute to satisfying the eye “nitpicking” of the believers love this genre.

Big impression:

Polyphony Digital also completed a good portion of the light effect and use the effect of “crisis”, such a: Shadows (ambient occlusion) technology, “physically-based rendering” the scene reflected on the surface material car. To recreate the famous racetracks around the world like Willow Springs, Interlagos, Nurburgring, Brands Hatch, Suzuka… Although at the time, “static”, but still awfully true to life. And especially, if your TV has the ability to support HDR. The frame of the Gran Turismo Sport will become “brilliant” than ever before.

Compared with the image array audio is also a big step forward compared to its predecessor, Which is rated as lagging, not stand out. Gran Turismo Sport – car games 2017 not only re-appearance but also accurately describe the sound of each car. Bring more floor shades, from explosions, machine engine running or hissing noise every time I brake cornering. Are gives the player a sense of reality as are now on the track really.

Will be a big omission if prompted to stream this playStation 4 racing games without to mention the background music of it. Bring the private music of Gran Turismo Sport as blends along with the scenery. Lead you through the zigzag line on the mountains or the bends at the seaside. Action Song by the tempos of the jazz fusion, funk, featured games will make you extremely excited that gas pedal speed challenge!


playstation 4 racing games

One thing is not simple at all.

The game land of the rising sun never pompous about themselves. Indeed, with the slogan “The Real Driving Simulator”, Polyphony Digital have done too well in the simulation the exact feeling of sitting behind the wheel.

Gran Turismo Sports playstation 4 drag racing game will not let you play the role of “Superman” spiraling on the road and then brake pedal twice as much to get a bo crab of melancholy spirit that we often see on screen. Instead, you have to completely master the situation of the race as professional racers. From speed to the wiper knob, brake pedal… Or knowledgeable about the car playstation 4 2 player racing games I choose to get the better advantage. All of which must be accurate to every moment if you want to have the perfect handling on each different terrain and outrun opponents. One thing is not simple at all.

It sounds challenging but you also don’t be too worried. The Gran Turismo Sport – playstation 4 racing games will ensure to provide you with quite a bit of detailed lessons from basic to advanced enough. The player can confidently mastered the race with the best. Besides the reward is the supercar worth after each “course”.

If you felt a little tired on the way to conquer the speed, go to mode “Scape”. This also is an additional point interesting other than “photo mode” often. Contains dozens of background scenes built coming from famous landmarks around the world. You can create beautiful photos according to the interests and intentions of their own with the tools extremely detailed and intuitive. Too great isn’t it?

3/ Driveclub

playstation 4 racing games

To with Driveclub, players will be completely immersed in a single purpose that these game playstation 4 racing games bring, which is “racing”.

Simply “racing”

To with Driveclub, players will be completely immersed in a single purpose that these game playstation 4 racing games bring, which is “racing”. Indeed, Driveclub doesn’t have any option “the” car, how also not necessary to pay attention to the car number.

The number of cars only at about 50, not too voluminous like Gran Turismo. Therefore, all that players need to do is: up the car and drive. But not so that it is less attractive than the other names.

Driveclub is divided into three sections main game:

Racing, Tour, single player and network play. In that, the main highlight is the Tour where players playstation 4 car racing games can participate and compete for the more racing famous car in the world.
By achieving certain requirements in each league (as in 3 of the top destination in the time allowed,…). The player will “open” (unlock) is the new league. Besides, the play, which will also bring back experience points for players, help them level up, at the same time open the new vehicles.

Although in any way, the shape of Driveclub will also be packaged in three types:

racing now racing under the ring, and the drift racing (race format let the cake). However, the number of shapes play quite a few, but those are the basic shape in any racing game popular today.

Racing feeling that Driveclub brings to the game best playstation 4 racing games is a mix between the genre of racing simulators (Forza, Gran Turismo) and arcade racing (Need for Speed, Ridge Racer).

Drive club does not simulate the race car and these situations happen a way too detailed but also not too difficult in the control car. So, Driveclub suitable with many more objects, when anyone can find excitement in the racing that it brings.

playstation 4 racing games

Contributing to making up a new beauty for game titles.

The race screen is also things help Driveclub in the eyes of the player car games online. Set in 5 countries, India, Canada, Chile, Norway, and Scotland, each game screen will be placed at the race track extremely rugged, with multiple bends are connected to each other.

At the same time, the surrounding scenery is also very beautiful, with the support of the weather as that the player can hardly forget the experience of racing in Driveclub. Especially in the new update, there is the appearance of the tracks come from the land of rising sun Japan. Contributing to making up a new beauty for game playstation 4 racing games titles.

Impressive graphics

In the early months of 12 past, Evolution Studios have made true his promise. By the added feature “weather” (dynamic weather). This is truly a new point is extremely valuable. That value of Driveclub completely changed. When compared with the time when the game just launched.

The weather changes while racing (mostly when players encounter rain and snow), not merely giving a dramatic look. But it also influenced markedly to the playstation 4 racing games. When he, the interaction between the tires with the road surface will have the significant change made for the track. Cornering at high speed becomes more difficult than usual a lot.

Top playstation 4 racing games – Best playstation 4 racing game
5 (100%) 2 votes

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