Rally Racer Dirt

Rally Racer Dirt
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If you want to wish to find a game for the entertainment, the main is the ich information for you can be selected. You are getting tired of other old Car racing games 3d? Why don’t you play Rally Racer Dirt – an addictive and adventurous new racing games

The description of new racing games – Rally Racer Dirt

This racing game is a very interesting based drift racing game and not a traffic racer. To play this game you will drive with the climb up the hill, then drift asphalt, as well as drift dirt really. Rally Racer Dirt will introduce you to the most realistic and exciting controls for a racing game.

Rally Racer Dirt has 5 different tracks, which graphics, amm the realistic and praiseworthy amm, especially this is one of the hilly terrain. It is detailed as having the texture of the game and although you will not say it looks very realistic and very fun, giving you the most fun feeling.

. This top new racing games has different backgrounds when playing these kinds of car racing games is a good thing as it can add to the variation and prevents boredom.

new racing games

New racing games –  Best realistic and stunning controls for a rally game

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In this new racing games,there are 10 different cars to unlock. Settings can also be customized, such as height, suspension and more. Just like other freemium games, it comes with in-app purchases that allow you to unlock these cars and upgrade previous attributes in the game.

Rally Racer Dirt has three modes, survival, challange and multiplayer in real time. In survival mode, you should drift and drive as long as you can, and pass the checkpoint. In challenging mode there are 60 different challanges that you must pass. In multiplayer mode in real time, you can race against real people who are your friends or random players who also play this game new racing games.

new racing games

New racing games – Drive with hill climb, asphalt drift, and real dirt drift

New racing games – Drive with hill climb, asphalt drift, and real dirt drift

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Being one of the best new racing games, Rally Racer Dirt is worth to try.

  • Multi-player mode in real time in this game.
  • With 12 different racing cars, for you to choose.
  • The vehicle can be adjusted with adjustable suspension, with anti-roll bar, or ride height and transmission ratio.
  • You can upgrade your car and drive real estate.
  • With 5 different tuned and interesting songs, let you relax
  • The song has a lot of runways, gravel, grass effects and many other obstacles, drift and car body.
  • Be careful of the physical adjustments and the control of the car.
  • You can play three main game modes: Challenge Mode, Survival Mode and Multiplayer Mode in real time.

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Rally Racer Dirt
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