Score! Hero: From unknown player to yellow ball

Score! Hero: From unknown player to yellow ball
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If you are tired of mobile games like Top Eleven, FIFA Mobile or Dream League Soccer, Score! Hero is not a bad choice.

Score! Hero is a story about yourself

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Released at the hands of First Touch Games Ltd., Score! Hero is a completely new and unique football game that you have never seen before. Not traditional football games like FIFA Mobile Football or DreamLeague Soccer, nor football management like Football Manager or Top Eleven.

Score! Hero gives players a completely different experience of the king sport. No need to attend the full 90 minutes of a match, you can still find yourself with great emotions along with the ball. You will draw the perfect curve of the ball and admire it. This is the attraction of Score! Hero.

While other brothers exploit their reputation as well as tactics in football to create the style of the game, Score! Hero completely out of it. This one-touch mobile game is based on the concept of ball handling, passers-by and individual scoring with different angles. This is the new Score! Hero brings.

Score! Hero is a story about yourself, from a guy who is a trainee to the first team of a club less reputation. Here, you will have to show your own ability and step by step on the path to become the best player in the world. Gradually, you will fall into the eyes of the big men and be transferred to the competition in the club of the European reputation as Manchester United, Liverpool or Inter Milan …

Another interesting point is the next match for the sentence You also have to perform “national duties” when you return to your beloved team and participate in international competitions. This has given you the most authentic experience, as if you were reincarnated in Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi

This has given you the most authentic experience

At the beginning of the game, you will be given the choice of your own appearance, skin color, nationality, name, shirt number and club owner. As mentioned, this club is not very famous and competes in the league as Serie A, Bundesliga or Ligue 1. Enter the game, you will show yourself through the game by completing the tasks given. Each match will have many ball situations, requiring you to handle in a flexible and accurate way.

Unlike football games on both mobile and PC, in Score! Hero, you will draw the ball as you like. You want to move to any position, just use your hand to draw the corresponding screen. Even stitching. Use your hands to draw beautiful curves into the corner of the letter A to subdue the best goalkeeper nhé! At times you will have to say: Are the best superstars doing what you just did ?!

Score! Hero: From unknown player to yellow ball
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